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Our new skirting board in a row is PP1260!

PP1260 is the most compact model in our range.

This skirting board is a good choice for small apartment rooms, kitchens and corridors, or for the fans of minimalistic style.

The model is an excellent alternative to a plastic skirting board, and those who are not indifferent to the smallest details of their interior will truly appreciate it.

Despite its small dimensions, it completely retains its premium advantages of the MDF skirting board, it has a neat and beautiful design of the corners, joints and endings. And in general, have a beautiful, modern and quite pricey look.

New decor in the stock program!

Due to your numerous requests, we have added Black to our stock decors family. It is the calling of the time! A modern, strict option that will harmoniously settle in not only business centers, hotels, and offices, but will also appeal to young people, and will become a stylish accessory for those who want to highlight the cold, expressive style of your home. Traditionally, our Black decor is the best quality! (smiley) PVC film is resistant to water, and it has a-PE coating! This significantly emphasizes its premium quality in comparison with traditional paper competitors.

So, easily implement your projects with us!

New katalogue

Dear colleagues!


We created a new catalog for you. It contents all necessary information and have interior illustrations with Super Profil product. 

To get catalogs or any other ads, please contact our office: +38 044 209 3214

To download the catalog click here
Or watch the video

Our new product is MDF Front Panel!

MDF Front Panels from YILDIZ ENTEGRE, Romania, is our new offer to Ukrainian market!
It is a high quality and at the same time not expensive material, mostly used as a front panel in furniture production. For sure, this new product will take a proper place in the market.
Click on the link for the prices
Find more information about Front Panels on the YILDIZ ENTEGRE official webpage
For cooperation, please contact Super Profil Company’s office

The new colors in our stock program!

Considering the high popularity of light-grey, cool shades, we added two new modern colors into our regular stock programme - OAK GLASGOW & OAK TRAVIS!
They perfectly fit a large number of floorings from many producers and stylishly highlight your interior decisions. 
As the trends go for the light-grey shades in furniture also, these colors would be very popular among the furniture producers too. 

One more model in our stock! PP 1699

PP1699 is the highest one among the classic rectilinear skirting models.
Take this model for a discreet, modest, but at the same time respectable and rich interior. It perfectly accentuates your floor and it is ideal both for a country house with large light rooms and for a spacious city flats or offices.

We present the new colour in our stock program!

Light grey, cosy, cold tones in oak texture with rich and prominent embossing - that is Oak Glasgow! It fits perfectly the most popular  floorings and is going to be our bestseller for a long period!

For more information, please contact our office.

Exhibition stands!

Dear colleagues!
We would like to offer you our pro exhibition stands with skirting examples for the best presentation of our products to the customer! It is a two-side and represents all our stock models covered with the most popular decorations in stock.
It also demonstrates ways of internal and external corners fitting, ends and butts.
Its height is 184 cm, maximum diameter is 55cm. 
To purchase, please call our office 

A new model in our stock program - 0630!

We have started the production of an overlap model - 0630.
It provides plenty of solutions for your interior!
This overlap model peculiarly completes our classic skirting boards by transforming them into new shapes. It also can be used as a ceiling cornice to cover the joint between the wall and ceiling. It looks no less elegant as a frame for furniture. That is may be one of the most simple, affordable and cheap ways to enliven ordinary chipboard furniture. Or just to frame something - a painting, a photo, a map, whatever!  
The frame can be constructed both large radii outside and inside.
And besides all these creative solutions, 0630 model can help in solving pragmatic tasks, like to cover the space between flooring and wall in case the skirting board didn’t fix it, or to make furniture items thicker!

A New Model in Stock – PP1680!

 The most popular among our skirting models in stock is a PP1280 skirting model. It combines classic, strictness and universality. It ideally fits almost any interior. It is 80mm height and 12 mm thick. But often a consumer asks for the same shape, but a little bit thicker in width in order to cover the space between flooring and wall. Or just prefer the thicker option.

So, here is our solution for the problem! The newest model PP1680 has the same configuration as PP 1280, but is thicker for 4 mm and is 16 mm in width. It is easier to make a choice now. Both PP1280 and PP1680 are in stock program from now!

New product in our stock program – MDF skirting with natural veneer!

Happy to present our new product which now is available in our stock program (from 1 package).  These skirting models are covered not with regular PVC, but with natural veneer!

Natural veneer skirtings will be available in PP1682 and PP1695 models, which now are covered with oak décor.

This proposition is not a final product. It should be painted or varnished, which provides an unlimited opportunity to get the final appearance corresponding to any taste. It could be bright and dark, glossy and mat. And in all cases it has awesome and natural look!

Construction catalog 2018!

Dear colleagues!

For those customers who work with our skirting boards and wall panels, we have created our new Construction catalog 2018.

We’ve added our newest skirting model PP16100 and architrave 1072 to it.

Catalog includes all necessary information and visually demonstrates interiors decorated with Super Profile products.

In order to get our new catalogue or any other advertisement, please contact our office +38 044 2093214


Corner sticks for our skirting boards are on sale now.

Size - 115х18х18 mm

Packet - 6 pieces

Every stick is covered with PCV on one end face and is ready to use.

Suitable for skirting boards 16 mm thick and thinner.

Fits perfect model PP16110, which is 110 mm height.

For lower boards can be trimmed to the desired length.

One more way to add flavor to your interior design!

New model in stock - PP16100!

Take PP16100 for an elegant and stylish interior. This skirting is a new
product of 2018 and one of the most comprehensive models. It has a striking
design and ergonomic shape. It is perfect both for a country house with
large light rooms and for standard city flats or offices.


Dear colleagues, here is the information about changes in our price list:


  1. Happy to announce the price reduction for the most of our product line! Only some furniture profile models have risen in price for a little.
  2. Some new models have been added to our stock program: mdf furniture profile - 2280 , mdf skirting - ПП16100 and mdf architrave model - 1072. Check our news for the release announcement!
  3. We've organized our price list to make it more comfortable. All information about furniture profiles, skirtings, wall panels, furniture panels, architraves and crown profiles are in separate blocks now. 

So, now you have even more opportunities to Easily Implement Your Ideas with our products!