The advantages of our skirting

So, let’s summarize! Why is Super Profile the right choice?

-                                                      OnlywarehouseprogramoftheTM“SuperProfile” has more than 200 items. It matches almost all the most popular shades of laminated flooring, parquet and the door casing.

-                                                      All warehouse decors are produced exclusively of the high quality PVC foil. Finish foil or any other covering is not used in the warehouse program (!).  We use them only for tailor-made products.  

-                                                      Duringthemanufacturingprocessthemoldingis thoroughly testedeachhalfanhour(!) inthelaboratoryofourfactory to identify correspondence to the sizes and the strength of adhesion between the PVC and MDF. It is also strictly tested to identify the correspondence to the approved template.

-                                                      The actual variations in the thickness of our molding are between 0,03 and 0,05mm at average! What is undoubtedly one of the best rates in the industry, and certainly a sign of the highest quality of our products!

-                                                      The molding is tested, packed in cardboard boxes, each plank is wrapped separately with a foil

-                                                       in order to avoid physical contact with other planks, it is stored and maintained in compliance with all necessary requirements and specifications. It is stored in a warm warehouse on a flat horizontal surface.

-                                                      The factory uses PUR hot melt adhesive – the optimal choice for skirting production. It has very close invisible joint, what helps to reduce likelihood of chipping of the finished products.  It has the best tension load and temperature properties. It is resistant to solvents and cleaners as well as resistant to moisture and water.

-                                                      All production declared in the price list is a stock program, optimal quantity of which is always maintained in the warehouse.

-                                                      We can also produce a molding especially for You! Together with the main warehouse program, the tailor-made skirting has also become very popular. We already manufacture several dozens of exclusive customized models, not included into the stock program.

-                                                      We offer a possibility to choose exclusive decors, not included into the stock program.

-                                                      In case of necessity, we realize the raw MDF molding, in other words, the one, which is not covered with PVC foil, for example, for further painting. 

-                                                      The factory has a positive experience of work with some other types of profile covering, except of PVC. These are finish foil, polypropylene foil and others. Such production is also manufactured of good quality and we will be happy to help you to offer such an option. 

-            We can offer You a veneered skirting. It looks absolutely natural “with wood texture”, but, at the same time, preserves all benefits of MDF board.

-            . We provide any kind of partnership, information, advertising and other support. In addition, we provide financial support for participating in specialized exhibitions. We help with transport, and, if necessary, we’ll send even one of several packages with help of logistic services to any corner of Ukraine.