The factory "Super Profile" was founded in 2003. At present, due to dynamical development, improving of technical process, honing skills and gaining essential experience and practice, the factory has already several times expanded its range and has almost 800 stock articles (!) of various types of linear MDF boards.

These are profile, moldings, panels, skirting boards and wall panels.

The range also includes all needed associated goods, such as fasteners, stickers, seals and others.

Besides the main stock program, the direction of “tailor-made products” has become very popular. The factory produces many exclusive (customer tailored) models, which are not included into the stock program.

In addition, there are exclusive decors, which are also not included in the stock program.

If necessary, the factory also produces so called “raw” linear products, in other words, those, which are not covered with foil. They are used for further painting or other types of processing.

“Tailor-made products” category also includes production with some other types of coverage, except of PVC foil. These are finish foil, polypropylene foil and natural veneer.

The factory pays particular attention to quality. During manufacturing process, the products are tested every half an hour to identify deficiencies, correspondence to size, peel strength of the foil glued to MDF, etc. In addition, production is tested for correspondence to the approved template. As it is not enough that the productproperties are of high quality, it has to be identical in size and shape with all previous and subsequent parties, otherwise the planks will nott have perfect joint between them.