About Profile


MDF profile is manufactured of MDF board. Its characteristics and properties provide almost unlimited possibilities for creating different forms and types of the profile. 


MDF(Medium Density Fiberboard) is eco-friendly material. Peculiarities of MDF production process lie in the fact that this material is manufactured of the dried wood fibers, with applying binding agents, formed into board with further hot pressing and polishing. The main binding agent of the fibers is lignin, which is released from wood during heating. Thus, eco-friendly properties of MDF are achieved due to the fact that biding agent is a natural, but not synthetic material. MDF can be easily sawn, milled, drilled, and is a good and comfortable material for any joinery work at general. MDF is almost twice as strong as wood chipboard. Moisture resistance and mechanical properties of MDF are better comparing not only to almost all board materials, but also to wood. Besides, it is hardly combustible, presents high physical and mechanical, bio, weather- and moister resistant properties and, at the same time, it is considerably cheaper than solid wood. MDF is resistant to steam, it practically does not swell, does not warp. It is resistant to fungi and microorganisms and makes MDF products hygienic and safe at home. High mechanical strength protects it even from the strong shocks, and its perfect homogeneity prevents warping, bending and drying.




MDF profiles are covered with several most common types of coatings: finish foil, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene, acrylic foil, as well as veneer and paint. In production process we use all types of coating, except of the paint.


Finish foil is the most common coating for MDF profiles. This material is the cheapest and, at the same time, is of the worst quality. In fact, it is a paper treated with thermosetting resin. In addition, it is very often of poor quality. The market is saturated with such profiles. Unfortunately, it does not look good for a long time, is sensitive to wet cleanings and is quickly "getting older", spoiling the overall interior and the mood of the owner.


Therefore, Super Profile, consistently striving to ensure high quality of its products, already for 13 years uses PVC foil as a covering material.

PVC foil has much higher protective properties and, at the same time, an ideal quality/price ratio. PVC foil has the following advantages:

- high aging-resistance

- resistance to mechanical and chemical damages,

- to weather influences and low temperatures,

- to UV rays (high light-resistance),

- highstrength,

- stain-resistance,



PVCfoiliswaterproof, hasperfectmoisterresistantpropertiesandis easy to clean.

PVC foil can be transparent or pigmented (for example, with wood texture pattern), glossy or matte, or any degree of matte, rigid or flexible, smooth or deeply textured. PVC foil helps to imitate practically any type of covering on the material surface due to diversity of colors, textures and embossing.  It can be a natural wood, marble, stone and others. It does not only look nice and esthetic, but is also practical, durable and not expensive. 




Among the wide range of adhesives, which can be used for gluing - polyurethane (PUR) hot melt adhesive is undeniably the best choice for the production of MDF profiles. This is the adhesive we use in our technology. The advantage of the hot melt adhesive  is that, along with the physical gluing process, there is a chemical reaction resulting in forming of a surface net (chemical cross-linking), which leads to a higher comparing to ordinary adhesives:


–                                   adhesive thermal stability (from - 40°C to +150°C!)

–                                   moisture and water resistance

–                                   productivity (feeding speed from 1,5 to 40 m/min)

–                                   age-resistance

–                                   resistance to solvents and / or cleaners

Due to its properties PUR hot melt adhesive has very close invisible joint that significantly reduces the likelihood of foil chipping even when sewing the profile under cold conditions. 


So, as a result: the use of high quality MDF board of depth milling, PVC of the world recognized manufacturers,  modern PUR hot melt adhesives – provides us with an ideal basis for creating MDF profile of the highest, impeccable quality. Properties, which are cut above the most famous European brands using mostly finish foil for wrapping.